What Do We Believe?


We believe that there is only one God and that God has revealed himself in three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Though these three persons of the Godhead are distinguished by their personal properties, we believe each are the one true, living and eternal God, the same in substance and equal in power and glory. Since God has revealed himself in this way in the Scriptures, we believe that this God, alone, is to be worshipped and feared.


We believe that God fashioned all of humanity as male and female; made in knowledge, righteousness, and holiness after God's own image. Because of the sin of our first parents (Adam and Eve), human beings are born into the corrupting power of sin and are liable to a just and eternal punishment by God; death and Hell. We believe that man is utterly incapable of redeeming himself by good works or perceived good efforts.

Jesus Christ

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God; the second person of the Trinity. This Lord Jesus Christ has two natures: he is fully God and fully man, but eternally one person. At the covenanted time, he condescended to put on flesh, lived a perfectly righteous life, truly died on the cross, and was resurrected in his body. We believe that Jesus is the only propitiation for our sins, the only hope for fallen humanity, and that there is no other name under heaven or earth by which a man can be saved. The Holy Bible promises that whoever receives him (that is, Jesus), to them he gives the right to become children of God.


We believe that the salvation of man is the sovereign work of God alone in the hearts of sinners. It is only God who has the power to remove the heart of stone and unbelief from a sinner, and gives sinners a heart of flesh to believe and embrace Jesus Christ, who is freely offered to us in the Gospels.

Last Days

We believe that Jesus Christ will return bodily at the end of the age to bring just judgement to those who reject his free offer of the Gospel. He will also gather all of his elect (those who truly believe in him) from all places in the world and usher in a new, eternal age, where his people will dwell in his presence, dwell in perfect peace, and dwell in true righteousness because all things have been made new.